Add new keyboards layouts to LXDE

The most easy way to do that is using the command line:
or you can edit your starup /etc/xdg/lxsession/LXDE/autostart script adding that code, for example

Dokuwiki incomplete sitemap

Sometimes your sitemap doesn’t reflect your real pages distribution, or doesn’t display all the pages you have. That is not a nice situation, but the soluction is very simple
  • Ensure you have nice URL’s funcionalities working
  • Check the sitemap generation time, in the configuration manager
  • Check the index delay, in the configuration manager
  • Clear your cache, specially your sitemap
  • Clear your /data/index
  • Regenerate your indexes, you can use this pluggin
  • See your new sitemap with doku.php?do=sitemap

Convert a lot of images to one pdf file in linux

For the conversion of a lot of images to one pdf in linux we have some command line tool from ImageMagic, called convert. Suppose you have a directory with a lot of png files, you can use this command:


A brush for CMake to use with SyntaxHighlighter. Is a nice startup example.

My wiki

I just started my wiki project. Where i will put, all the guides,tutorials, or tutorial series, in a structured way. Visit here the wiki. Please note that at this time the wiki can be very empty, but this is a new project.

Why a wiki?

Is simple, a blog platform is for blogging, and it can be used to write tutorials and more, but I clearly get more comfortable using a wiki where the information becomes more structured and easy to read an navigate too. I really hope that this new project can be useful for everyone, for me to learn and get more clicks, and for you to learn some programming.

Bullet undefined reference

If you have linked against all the bullet libraries, perhaps you must also check the link order. The order is
  • Softbody
  • Dynamics
  • Collision
  • LinearMath
int cmake code: